Vegetarian Samosas (2 pieces) vegan        4.5

 flaky, golden pastry generously stuffed with potatoes, green peas, mild herbs and spices  


Calamari Bhaji (Tava Signature)                      8.5

tender calamari and chopped onions tossed in a chickpea, rice and corn-flour batter, lightly fried in canola oil, and served with chutney 


Pakora gluten free

lightly battered delicacies fried in all-natural canola oil

Mixed Vegetable Pakora – Vegan assorted vegetables         6

Paneer Pakora – Homemade paneer cheese                           7

Chicken Pakora – Succulent marinated chicken pieces         6

Shrimp Pakora –  Jumbo shrimp                                                  9


Tava Fish Pakora  (Signature Dish) gluten free                   9

delhi-style, herb-marinated whitefish with exotic seasoning  


Tandoori Chicken Skewers gluten free                                     8

luscious, herb-marinated boneless chicken cooked in a tandoor and served with spicy chutney


Desi Chicken Wings (Hot) gluten free                                       8

herb-marinated, lean chicken wings cooked in a tandoor and served with spicy mango chutney


Tava Signature Sizzlers gluten free                                       14

A unique blend of luscious tandoori selections:

Sheesh Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Reshmi Kabob and Vegetable Samosa



stuffed steamed dumplings seasoned with Himalayan herbs and spices, served with an exotic Nepalese sauce

Chicken Momo                     8

Vegetable Momo                 8


a mouthwatering combination of boiled chickpeas, chopped fresh onions, plain yogurt, chaat masala, tamarind-mint chutney, and garnished with fresh cilantro and paprika

Vegetarian Samosa                                                  7

Aaloo Tikki – Seasoned mashed potato cakes   6

Aaloo Papdi – Diced, boiled potato cubes           7


Chicken65 gluten free                                     8

tender chicken in makhani sauce seasoned with mustard seed, whole red chili pepper, fresh ginger, garlic, curry leaves and chopped onions, and garnished with cilantro