Vegetarian Samosas (2 pieces) vegan        

flaky, golden pastry generously stuffed with potatoes, green peas, mild herbs and spices    

Bhindi Amchuri vegan/gluten free        

mouthwatering thin slices of fresh okra and onion seasoned with tangy spices      

Calamari Bhaji (Tava Signature)                      

tender calamari and chopped onions tossed in a chickpea, rice and corn-flour batter, lightly fried in canola oil, and served with chutney   

Mixed Vegetable Pakora

gluten free lightly battered delicacies fried in all-natural canola oil      

Tandoori Chicken Skewers gluten free                                     

luscious, herb-marinated boneless chicken cooked in a tandoor and served with spicy chutney  

Desi Chicken Wings (Hot) gluten free                                       

herb-marinated, lean chicken wings cooked in a tandoor and served with spicy mango chutney  

Tava Signature Sizzlers gluten free                                       

A unique blend of luscious tandoori selections:

Sheesh Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Kabob and Vegetable Samos

Momo stuffed steamed dumplings seasoned with Himalayan herbs and spices, served with an exotic Nepalese sauce

Chicken or Vegetable Momo   

Vegetarian Samosa  Chaat                

a mouthwatering combination of boiled chickpeas, chopped fresh onions, plain yogurt, chaat masala, tamarind-mint chutney, and garnished with fresh cilantro and paprika

Chicken65 gluten free                    

tender chicken in makhani sauce seasoned with mustard seed, whole red chili pepper, fresh ginger, garlic, curry leaves and chopped onions, and garnished with cilantro  

Chili Paneer Masala (Hot) gluten free               

homemade paneer cheese, fresh green chili and bell peppers sautéed with ginger, garlic and spicy dry masala sauce     

Aloo Bomb gluten free              

a mouthwatering combination of sautéed potato cubes and grilled fresh onion garnished with fresh cilantro and paprika          

Spicy Bomb vegan  – infused with tangy volcano habanero chili pepper sauce and apple cider          

Sweet Bomb – infused with sweet and tangy tamarind plum sauce and yogurt  

Masala Papad (Hot) vegan/gluten free            

two thin crisp lentil papads cracker topped with masala mix (onion, tomato, green chili and cilantro)  

Paneer Tikka gluten free             

 fresh herb-marinated paneer cheese, bell peppers and onions, cooked to perfection in a tandoor  

Chicken Tikka gluten free               

tender chunks of boneless chicken breast seasoned mildly with lemon juice and yogurt, lightly browned in tandoor, and garnished with grilled onions and cilantro  

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